Modern Terracotta & Gold Herb Planters

Current Trends from geometric forms seem to crop up in many designs from fashion to interiors. Strong bold 'V' shapes and triangles are an edgy and modern way to create contemporary interest in your home and garden.

What you need

  1. Planters - A selection of terracotta planters or containers with matching saucers, The saucers are ideal as they keep the plant roots nice and moist.
  2. Masking Tape.
  3. Small Paintbrushes.
  4. Water Resistant Paint - A good water resistant paint such as Rustoleum 'Painters' Touch range which has some wonderful colours to choose from and is cleverly available in small sizes.
  5. Seeds - Herb seeds from a reputable company - I have used Unwins which have a great range of herbs.
  6. Pebbles - If you have time and feel like making some pretty pebble markers, a few flat rounded pebbles are a nice little addition.
  7. Compost - Quality compost for edible planting.

Step 1.

Decide on the shapes that you want to create on the planters, Clean sharp lines such as 'V' and arrow shapes work particularly well. Take your masking tape and glue your lines of tape to the pot.

Step 2.

Tape off a few different shapes on the pots giving each a little added interest. Some are 'V' shape while others are almost reminiscent of Bowie's Lightning streaks and give an edgy rock-star effect. The key here is to make sure that when there is a lip in the pot (as above), the tape is pushed right into the dip. This gives a professional looking finish.


Step 3.

Now for the fun part. Choose a colour and start painting. I chose gold because I am a big fan of contrasting the modern looking geometric shapes with expensive looking antique gold (Rustoleoum's Painter's Touch Range). They have some really gorgeous colours which make the pots stand out. To bring it to life, see what colours you can pick upmin the surrounding area. Perhaps there are some flowers that you can use to inspire the colour selection of the pots.


Step 4.

What for the pots to dry (Painter's Touch was literally dry within minutes) Then comes the big reveal. Simply peel away the tape to reveal a cool customised design that is your own creation.


Step 5.

Finally, it is time to plant these lovely pots up with herb seeds. I used a selection of herbs from the Unwins Range -  they have some wonderful basil mixes and herbs from Lavender to Thyme. Every herb will have its own unique way of planting, therefore follow the pack instructions for the chosen herbs. I sowed Thyme and now have the pots on my indoor window sill until they start to emerge. Once they are large enough, I will plant them out in to the garden and add them to my herb border.

Now you have some fab planters and in time they not only look really lush and pretty they will also be so great for cooking, A great gift or perfect for this Summer's entertaining.