150 Piece Insulated Terminal Assortment

150 Piece Insulated Terminal Assortment
Product Code: 1007862
Product Overview

Product Overview

Assorted terminals in an 18 division plastic storage box. Contents: 10 each of RV1.25-4, RF2-5, RV1.25-5, SV1.25-35, SV1.25-5, BV1.25, RV2-3.5, RV2-4, RV2-5, SV2-4 and BV2, 7 each of SV2-5, FDD1.25-7A, MDD1.25-250, FDD2-250A and MDD1.25-250, ÿ5 each of RV5.5-5, RV5.5-6 and BV5.5.


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Weight 204g

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