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Gloves & Wellies

Keep yourself safe and clean in our wide choice of garden wellies and gloves. We have something to suit everyone!

Pest Control

Keep unwanted pests under-control with our wide range of Pest Control.

Compost & Bark

Our compost is full of rich nutrients which your plants will love. Keep flower beds weed-free by covering them in a thick layer of natural bark.


Keep your lawn or path weed free with our range of Weedkillers.

Gardening Accessories

We have a massive range of gardening accessories which will help you to complete your dream garden.

Hanging Baskets

Decorate your front or back garden with hanging baskets. We have baskets, liners and brackets to fix to the wall.

Garden Cleaning

Keep your patio or decking fresh and moss-free by using our garden cleaning liquids.

Plant Food & Lawncare

Our plant food & lawncare products are full of rich nutrients which will help your plants to grow and survive.

Pots & Planters

We have a wide range of stylish pots which will add some atmosphere to your garden.

Propagation & Seed Trays

You can plant several seeds in our seed trays which have lots of individual cells.