Hg Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1lit

Hg Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1lit
Product Code: 1102305
Product Overview

Product Overview

HG "kitchen drain unblocker" has been specially developed to clear blockages caused by very stubborn grease and food residues. This professional product works on the basis of specially selected natural enzymes and microbes and is therefore fully biodegradable and is absolutely safe for all types of drains and septic tanks. In fact using HG "kitchen drain unblocker" actually boosts the bacteria culture in septic tanks. HG "kitchen drain unblocker" used correctly will keep unpleasant odours at bay for substantial periods of time.


  • Unblocks and prevents stubborn blockages of grease and food residues
  • HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1lit

Additional Information

Product Type Cleaning product
Product Category Drain
Capacity 1L

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