Shamrock Brown Gold Ericaceous Compost 75l

Shamrock Brown Gold Ericaceous Compost 75l
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Product Overview

Product Overview

Shamrock Brown Gold is specially prepared with the right balance of nutrients & trace elements added to high quality sphagnum moss peat. It works with nature to guarantee healthy plant growth. Ideal for use: lime sensitive plants, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, Heathers. Feeds your lime sensitive plants, supplies the correct balance of air, water & nutrients, enables quicker establishment & faster growth of plants, easy & safe to use.


  • Ideal for Lime sensitive Plants
  • Rhododendrons and Heathers
  • Azaleas and Camellias
  • Planting out
  • Pots and Containers

Additional Information

Contents Material Peat Based
Added Fertiliser Yes
Suitable For Lime Sensitive Plants Yes
Moisture Retention Level High

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