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 “In the long run I'd like the kitchen to be a kitchen where I could be doing cakes full-time out of it and have the space for that.”

The Dooley Family

"We were tight for space in our old kitchen, you go to use the fridge and someone has to stand up"

Colour Scheme by Johnstone’s:

When you get a new kitchen, you want everyone to notice! That is why it is important to choose a paint colour that will complement the new design, acting like a perfect picture frame, while not robbing the limelight. The Farrell’s made an excellent choice with Jonstone's White Whisper. This light, bright neutral will make any room appear bigger. The warm white reflects light ensuring the Farrell’s receive the most amount of brightness during the day which is ideal for a busy kitchen with lots of delicious baking! The neutral tone creates a perfect background for the beautiful grey shade in their new kitchen which draws your eye in, so you can’t help but notice the gorgeous tiles and new metallic lighting fixtures.


“The one big advantage of going to Woodie's was you had everything in the one place."

Tiles by BC Tiles:

Choosing the right tiles is the perfect way to add personality to the most important room of your house; the kitchen. The Farrell Family have done a great job with their selection with Laura Ashley Heritage Collection, the 'Mr Jones Dove Grey' tile for the floor. With a delicate balance of pattern and space, the Mr Jones tile offers a contemporary appeal with a sense of heritage. This is ideal for those looking to create a distinctive but timeless style in their kitchen. We love how they have paired this with The Artisan range on their walls. Artisan’s traditional, handmade feel is full of character, and available in 8 colours, the Farrell’s have made an excellent choice by mixing and matching Pale Biscuit, Cobblestone & Duck Egg colours together.

The Farrell Family

“This is a dream of hers to have space and she will certainly have it in our new kitchen.”

The Farrell Family