How to: Install a Rotary Clothes Line

What you will need

  • Rotary clothesline        
  • Spade
  • Post Mix
  • Spirit level
  • Gloves
  • Bucket


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  • 1 Choose where you want to put your clothesline, making sure the place is somewhere that the line can rotate freely.
  • 2 With your spade mark out and carefully remove the grass sod from the hole and set aside. You can replace this later to cover the concrete base.
  • 3 Dig a hole to the depth of the ground socket.
  • 4 Make the hole about a full spade width so you have enough of the concrete post mix around the ground socket.
  • 5 If there’s no closed base on your socket, place some tape over the end to stop any of the Post Mix getting in underneath and filling your ground socket.
  • 6 Place your socket centrally in the hole. Then half fill the hole with water ensuring you keep the ground socket straight as you do this.
  • 7 Then add the Post mix as per the manufacturers instructions. You may want to use a stick for mixing the concrete as this will help to even out the mixture. You may add more post mix or water as needed.
  • 8 Check the ground socket as you go, with a spirit level, to keep it straight. Ensure that it is supported in this position for at least five minutes.
  • 9 When set, insert your clothesline into the ground socket and test.
  • 10 You may now replace your grass sod to cover the concrete base. Alternatively, you can use soil or decorative pebbles.