Unibond Aero 360 Humidity Refill

Unibond Aero 360 Humidity Refill
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Product Overview

Product Overview

A typical family produces on average 12 litres of water a day through household activities like cooking, taking a shower or bath, washing and even turning the central heating on. By absorbing excess moisture from the air, UniBond moisture absorbers protects your property from damage and improves your comfort. In addition it helps prevent the development of mould and dust mites, which could cause allergies. The optimum moisture absorbing system that is up to 40% more efficient.* The 2in1 AERO 360 Tab is made from ultra-absorbent crystals for superior moisture absorption and patented anti-odour technology to combat bad smells. www.isyourhomeasponge.com


  • A Refill to fit the optimal system based on 360ø air circulation. Based on the physical principle that the greater the surface area between the refill Tab and the air, the higher the absorption capacity of the Tab.
  • The new system, AERO 360ø PURE provides improved moisture absorption and up to 70% neutralisation of bad odours. It works to improve air quality more rapidly.
  • Where to use it? Ideal for large rooms that are up to 20mý. Designed for every room inside your home, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and basement. Also ideal for caravans and boats
  • Aerodynamic device - Air circulates around and through the suspended tab
  • Easy handling - One touch loading tray
  • Draining spout - Easily empty the solution from inside the tank

Additional Information

Model Number 1,807,921
Size Large Refill Neutral
Type Humidity

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