October Garden Jobs


Spring Displays

October is an ideal time to plant Tulips, Daffodils and Alliums and I love creating large areas of Spring displays which are such a welcome surprise early in the season.

Multiply Your Plants

October is a great time to divide herbaceous perennials. I just divided my Iris flowers and this means I’ll have about three times as many plants next year which is such a treat.

Divid Rhubarb

You can also divide Rhubarb plants now, just make sure the plant is fully established so that it’s strong enough.

Spooky Pumpkin Lanterns!

Harvest those Pumpkins for some spooky Halloween displays. Check out my Weekend Project this month for a really creative ideas for Pumpkin lanterns!

Repair Damaged Lawns

Now is a good time to repair damaged lawns and it can be scarified, aerated and top dressed where needed, particularly if there is moss in the lawn.

Raking Autumn Leaves

As boring as it sounds, raking leaves is a job which is still important and they are great to use as a mulch around plants or in the glasshouse.

Hibernating Bulbs?!

You should now lift your Dahlia and Gladioli bulbs and store them somewhere dry for the Winter.

Order Some Fruit Trees

Order some fruit trees now as it’s a great time to plant them and ensure next year you have a great harvest!

Don't Forget The Birds!

Now is the time to collect the final seed heads, but make sure you leave some for the birds over winter as this is a valuable source of food when there is little else.

Fabulous Clematis Plants

October is a great time to plant Clematis plants and if you get them in the ground now they will have a chance to get their roots established and look fabulous for next season.