Tackle Damp with Johnstone's Damp Proof Paint

Woodie's Johnstone’s Damp Proof Paint

For many, there is one main challenge to overcome before any paint project can begin. Damp stains can be plentiful after periods of cold and mild weather; the type that keeps re-appearing no matter how many coats of paint you use.

Damp Mould wall

With time so precious, knowing you must fix a problem before you can start a new decorating project, can be frustrating. We all need a quick fix every now and then - Johnstone’s Damp Proof paint is the perfect problem solver. It’s your new go-to product for all hard-to-hide stains and patches. Johnstone’s Damp Proof paint doesn’t just cover the stain, it also seals in any odours. It is best to treat any mildew or surface mould first prior to using the damp paint. Its oil-based formula is ultra-durable and kills the bacteria that causes odours. It can be particularly effective in treating rooms that are naturally moist, such as corner rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  

Suitable for application on a wide range of surfaces such as plaster, brickwork, cement and stone, Johnstone’s Damp Proof paint can be applied on top of emulsion paints. It can also be used as the finished coat.

Don’t have time to safeguard before painting? Trust us, it is worth it. If you really want to get rid of those pesky stains, then some proper preparation and maintenance will give you the smooth finish you are looking for. 

Johnstone's Damp White

Source: Johnstone's.