• Pest ControlPest Control

    Keep unwanted pests under-control with our wide range of Pest Control.

  • WeedkillerWeedkiller

    Keep your lawn or path weed free with our range of Weedkillers.

  • Plant Food & LawncarePlant Food & Lawncare

    Our plant food & lawncare products are full of rich nutrients which will help your plants to grow and survive.

  • Bins, Water Butt & ComposterBins, Water Butt & Composter

    Check out our range of garden bins, water butts and composters.

  • Garden CleaningGarden Cleaning

    Keep your patio or decking fresh and moss-free by using our garden cleaning liquids.

  • WateringWatering

    A selection of hoses, sprayers, watering cans and accessories which are extremely durable and help to keep your garden healthy.

  • Netting, Matting & MeshNetting, Matting & Mesh

    We have rolls of netting, matting and mesh that can be used as fencing, pet or poultry runs, crop protection and plant support.

  • Gloves & WelliesGloves & Wellies

    Keep yourself safe and clean in our wide choice of garden wellies and gloves. We have something to suit everyone!

  • Gardening AccessoriesGardening Accessories

    We have a massive range of gardening accessories which will help you to complete your dream garden.