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Protect your fences from weathering and decay using some fencecare paint.

Garden Colour

Change the look of your garden by adding some colour while preventing weathering too.

Deck Care

Protect your deck by painting it any colour you like. Maintain your decking with cleaning and reviving products.

Wood Preservers

Add a strong coat of protection with a quality wood preserver.

Exterior Woodstain

Exterior woodstain will change the look of your wood while also adding years of protection.

Clear Varnish

Keep your wooden surfaces as they are; apply a clear varnish to prevent weathering and add a premium finish.

Coloured Varnish

Provide protection and colour to your wood. Coloured varnish will also add a premium finish!

Floor Varnish

Bring your wooden floors back to life with some floor varnish. Designed to withstand the traffic your floors endure.

Garden Furniture Care

Look after your garden furniture - keep it protected for years with our garden furniture care products.

Wood Dyes

Wood dyes will change the colour of your wood and provide a long lasting finish.

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