How To: Put Up A Bathroom Mirror

What you will need

  • Drill and drill bit
  • Spirit level
  • Suitable masonry or plasterboard rawlplugs and screws
  • Wood screws
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Multi-purpose detector
  • Safety glasses


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  • 1 First pick the position for your cabinet. Find the centre point on your sink and mark a line up the wall using a spirit level. This is the centre line for your cabinet against the wall.
  • 2 Hold the cabinet in position and use a spirit level to make sure it’s level. When you are happy, mark the screw holes on the wall. Top tip: By removing the door off your cabinet it can make the cabinet lighter and installation much easier.
  • 3 Next check the wall to determine if it is a solid or plasterboard wall. If it’s a solid wall you’ll need to use a masonry drill bit and masonry fixings. If it’s plasterboard, use a multi-purpose detector to determine the position of the studs. If possible, fit at least one of the brackets directly to a stud. In both instances use the multi-purpose detector to ensure there are no pipes or cables running behind where you are going to drill.
  • 4 When securing the cabinet or mirror to a plasterboard wall, always try and secure at least one bracket to a stud using a wood screw. Then use specialised plasterboard fixings such as toggles to secure the other brackets to the wall. Don’t worry if you can’t find a stud as ‘toggles’ will hold a heavier object (such as a cabinet) in place. Remember to make sure that the drill is not set to hammer action if drilling through plasterboard, as you don’t want to damage the wall. Top tip: If securing the cabinet or mirror to a solid wall, set the drill to hammer action and use a masonry bit to drill the holes. Hold the drill perpendicular to the wall and applying a small amount of pressure, begin to drill your hole. Go slow at first and then increase the speed and pressure of the drill. Top Tip: If drilling tiles, cover your markings with masking tape. This will help prevent the tile from cracking and will also stop the drill bit from slipping. Make sure the drill is NOT set to hammer action, as this may break the tiles.
  • 5 Place rawl plugs into the holes ensuring they are flush with the wall surface and then secure the mirror or cabinet with the appropriate sized screw. If inserting into tile ideally place the rawl plug past the depth of the tile.
  • 6 Now re-attach your door to the cabinet.