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UniBond Renew Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant

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Apply new, fresh, smooth UniBond Renew Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant directly over old sealant. Minimal skills needed, done in minutes for use in your bathroom or kitchen. The new improved auto-smooth nozzle allows you to easily apply directly over old sealant for a perfect finish without the need for any other tools. It can help you quickly rejuvenate dirty, cracked sealant faster than before for a perfectly smooth and clean result. Clean the surfaces before applying. Treat mouldy sealant with bleach/mould cleaner then allow to dry thoroughly. Place the nozzle on sealant with UniBond logo facing you, tilt to ensure tight seal between the wall/bath, shower or sink. Lightly squeeze and push the bottle forward, keeping the nozzle at the same angle. Clean excess product with tissue during application. For a perfect finish, repeat step 3 without squeezing.


  • Auto smooth nozzle
  • No other tools needed
  • Moud resistant - Mould is an unwelcome guest in your home. Show it the door with this mould resistant sealant.

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