Biden's Patio 10.5cm

Biden's Patio 10.5cm
Product Code: 1099384
Product Overview

Product Overview

This reliable colourful sun-lover is native to Mexico and the southern United States, and gives its best performance in a bright spot, sheltered from strong winds. ItÉll flower cheerfully till the first frosts of autumn. Use a good quality, free-draining compost to ensure best results. Plant them at the front of the border, or around the edges of your basket or container, where the flowers can trail attractively over the edge.


  • Full Grown Height is 40cm
  • Full Growth Spread 45cm
  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Foliage Colour - Green
  • Hardiness - Half-hardy
  • Flowering Period/Blossom Time - Summer-Autumn.
  • Image for reference only. Plant maturity/variety may vary. Plants sold separately, unless otherwise stated.

Additional Information

Habit Trailing
Fragrance No
Sunlight Full Sun or Partial Shade
Aspect/Positioning Any position.
Exposure Sheltered or Exposed
Soil Type Most soil types
Moisture Moist but well-drained
pH Neutral
Time to Maturity 2 Weeks
Common Name Bidens
Botanical Name Bidens ferulifolia
Pot Size 10.5cm
Plant Spacing 20cm

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