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Roller Sets

Pick up a roller set and start your paint job with everything you need!

Roller Frames & Sleeves

Achieve a smooth and even finish with our great quality rollers and replacement sleeves.

Paint Brush Sets

Having different size brushes will make it easy for you to achieve precision when painting.

Paint Brushes

A wide selection of paint brushes - one to suit every task.

Decorating Tools

Decorating tools which will aid you in preparing surfaces and applying finishing touches to your project.

Ready Mixed Fillers

Simply open and apply - quickly cover cracks and fill gaps with a ready mixed filler.

Powder Fillers

Powder fillers are easy to mix and give you much more than ready mixed fillers.

Foam Fillers

Foam fillers can be used for a wide variety of problems and are easy to use.

Decorative Caulk

Add a neat finish to any DIY job with some decorative caulk which is available in various colours.

Wood Fillers

Fill gaps and cracks in any colour wood - we have plenty of different shades.

Strippers & Cleaners

We have all the paint strippers and cleaners you need to remove old paint or to clean up afterwards.

White Spirits & Turpentine

Clean dirty paint brushes, metal surfaces and even thin paint with white spirits and turpentine.


Precision is key to a well finished paint job - get the detail you desire using some tape to cover up edges and corners.

Sanding Products

Ensure a smooth surface before you paint using some sanding products.

Dust Sheets

Protect the floor and furniture with dust sheets which come in a selection of sizes.


Sealants suited for use on a wide variety of surfaces or for simply sealing gaps and cracks.


Our wide range of adhesives have a huge amount of uses - something for every task.

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