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Trailing Sockets & Cable Reels

Use multiple electrical devices anywhere! Trailing sockets and cable reels with various sockets and lengths to choose from.

Switches & Sockets

Add style to your home by installing switches and sockets in a number of different finishes.

Plugs, Adaptors & Timers

Connectivity made simple! Take a look at our plugs, adapters and timers.


Long lasting batteries in different sizes from top quality brands.


Everything you need when it comes to home telephones and mobile phone accessories.

TV Accessories

All the TV Accessories you can think of ensuring that your experience is as entertaining as possible.

Electrical Accessories

A large selection of electrical accessories include clips and connections.

Light Fittings

Our easy to install light fittings will make switching bulbs easy!

Cable & Wiring

Electrical cable and wiring sold in various lengths.