Gypsophila Repens 10.5cm

Gypsophila Repens 10.5cm
Product Code: 1111638
Product Overview

Product Overview

A Loose Mat-Forming Perennial Producing Small Bright Rose-Pink Flowers Over Blue-Green Foliage.


  • Full Grown Height 20 cm
  • Full Grown Spread Is 50 cm
  • Foilage - Evergreen
  • Foilage Colour - Blue-green
  • Hardiness - Hardy
  • Flowering Period/Blossom Time - Early-Late Summer
  • Image for reference only. Plant maturity/variety may vary. Plants sold separately, unless otherwise stated.

Additional Information

Habit spreading
Fragrance Fragrant
Sunlight Full sun
Aspect/Positioning South, West or East facing is preferable
Exposure Any
Soil Type Rich, loose well-drained soil
Moisture Moist but well-drained
pH 5.5 to 6.5 (slightly acid to neutral)
Pot Size 10.5cm

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