Hg 500ml Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner

Hg 500ml Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner
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Product Overview

Product Overview

Difficult to remove deposits can form in any toilet. Problem dirt such as persistent limescale, urine stains, or other difficult to remove deposits occur on the inside of the toilet bowl, but also in the neck or invisibly under the rim. This product does not contain hydrochloric acid, because that substance affects the glaze of your toilet pan and makes it rough. Furthermore, hydrochloric acid gives off vapours that affect and damage the surface of stainless Steel and chrome in your bathroom. In other words, HG "super powerful toilet cleaner" is safe for glaze, stainless Steel and chrome.


  • Extremely powerful removes even the most persistent scale and deposits
  • HG Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner 500ml

Additional Information

Bottle Size 500ml
Product Type Cleaning product
Product Category Toilet

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