August Garden Jobs

August is a month to enjoy your garden with glorious colours, an abundance of fruit and vegetables and hopefully plenty of sunshine. However there are always tasks to be carried out in the garden and by following this month’s tips your garden will continue to flourish and bloom in the months ahead. 

Keep all container plants and hanging baskets well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser such as `One` Plant Stimulant` once a week.

Continue to dead head bedding and perennial plants to encourage further flowering. All faded perennials can be cut back.

Trim lavender plants after they have finished flowering to keep them compact. 

Cut back herbs now to encourage a new flush of tasty leaves before the onset of frost.

Now is an ideal time to apply a selective lawn weed killer such as `Resolva Lawn Weedkiller`to control broad leaved weeds and clover.   

Re-seed bald or bare patches in the lawn after weeds have died down using `Greenfield Easy Repair Lawn Seed`.

Give evergreen hedges a final trim now. Later pruning can result in frost damage. Pruning midsummer blooming shrubs this month will result in better displays next year  

Early in the month stores will have a wide selection of bulbs such as daffodils, tulips etc that can be planted through autumn for early spring colour

Autumn is a perfect time to plant out winter and spring bedding plants such as cyclamen, pansies, violas, ornamental kale, wallflowers, sweet William etc.

Tidy up strawberries and plant out any rooted runners for a good crop next year.   

Prune out old wood in blackcurrants and remove fruited canes in summer raspberries.   

Continue to feed tomato plants with a high potash fertiliser such as `Levington Liquid Tomorite`.When the fruits start to form on peppers, cucumber and aubergines apply the same fertiliser.

Bend over the leaves of spring planted onions and gently loosen bulbs in ground to facilitate ripening.

Remember: August is a month with plenty of produce to be harvested and for enjoying the vibrant colours, but remember there is always something to be done. 

Happy Gardening!