Christmas Inspiration: Timeless Treasures

Christmas for many is a time for traditions. Each little moment whether it is the first sip of frothy hot chocolate in December, to placing a candle in the window on Christmas Eve, we all have our favourite. That one moment, that simply without, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas.  

Woodie's Christmas Timeless Treasures 2 

Traditions warm the heart and rekindle fond memories of Christmas past as we join together with family and loved ones to celebrate and create new precious moments.

The first big tradition of the festive season is decorating the house. Each year we unpack the lovingly stored decorations which we use to bring Christmas to life in our homes. Maybe it is those decorations made by little hands at school or that bauble which tells a tale about a journey to foreign lands. Every decoration tells its own little story and is a timeless treasure in our Christmas celebration.

Woodie's Christmas Timeless Treasures 3


Our Timeless Treasure collection is inspired by those Christmas decorations we all grew up with. Picture vintage Santas and smiley snowmen. Beautiful holly wreaths to adorn the fireplace and baubles that glisten in warm reds and golds. Wooden rocking horses, glittering snow globes and rustic lanterns will help you to recreate all of those childhood memories! 

Each piece will sit seamlessly with your existing Christmas treasures to create a timeless collection to be enjoyed by all for years to come.

Woodie's Christmas Timeless Treasures 5

So what about those other Christmas traditions? While sometimes we complain about the build-up starting too early or the work involved in getting the house ready for the holidays, not to mention who has to cook the Christmas dinner. The truth is that Christmas is a time that brings everyone together and after all the excitement of unwrapping presents in the morning, to relaxing with a well fed round belly watching your favourite Christmas movie, we can all agree that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Woodie's Christmas Timeless Treasures 4

Of course don’t forget the most important Christmas tradition of all! Ensure to leave a mince pie and a bottle of Guinness for Santa Clause this Christmas Eve. We are sure Rudolph wouldn’t say no to a carrot either.

Nollaig Shona Duit!