Countdown to Christmas!

This Christmas, don’t go for the same old look and red or green colour schemes – try something new! Take a look at these simple ideas created by the Command Brand from 3M to help you deck your halls a little differently this year.

Command Products are a range of ingenious adhesive strips and hooks which allow home lovers to hang decorations, lights and much more without the hassle of nails, screws and tacks, throughout the home. And, when Christmas is over and it’s time to take the decorations down they stretch cleanly away, leaving no surface damage.


Design: Fritha Strickland, Tigerlilly Quinn

If you’re looking to try something a little different this year, why not create a fun alternative advent calendar for the whole family to enjoy?

Just grab some card in your favourite colours and textures, washi tapes, glitter and paints and get creative designing 24 different boxes and envelopes – a great task for the kids to get involved with too!  You could also decorate boxes, jewellery pouches and gift bags.  Choose what you want to fill your advent calendar with next – whether that be sweet treats, or loving quotes and vouchers to share with your family this December.  Once your creations are complete, it’s time to decide how to display them.  We chose to arrange them in the shape of a festive Christmas tree, but why not try a star or a heart? Hang each box or envelope on the wall using Command Picture Clips and Command Poster Strips, then at the end of the month you can remove the whole calendar hassle and damage-free!


Design: Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell

Design: Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell

Looking for a fun, new kind of wreath to hang on your door this year? This sweetie wreath is sure to be popular with family and guests alike – just watch out for stolen sweets!  To make the wreath all you need is a polystyrene ring, pins and your favourite jelly tots.  Covering the wreath with sweets may be a little time consuming but is a great excuse to get all of the family involved to help! To hang your wreath, get a long piece of decorative, thick ribbon (make sure you have enough length to tie a big bow) and one Command Medium Brushed Nickel Metal Hook.  Carefully tie the ribbon around the wreath, place it over the hook and voila - you’ve got yourself a unique, colourful (and tasty) Christmas wreath!


Design: Poppy Dinsey, Poppy D

Design: Poppy Dinsey, Poppy D

Tackle the wrapping with no problem this year by creating a quick and easy wrapping station to get organised this Christmas!  Choose your favourite festive paper, ribbons and labels – we went for a gold and brown colour scheme this year!  Then all you need is a thin piece of doweling to hold each roll of wrapping paper and some Command Medium Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks to hang these on.

For your smaller wrapping essentials like ribbon, labels and even scissors and tape just use Command Clear Mini Hooks to hang these up on the wall.  And there you have it! 

Your very own wrapping station – not only will you feel more organised about your wrapping, but it keeps the clutter off your desk and the floor too, so no more losing items under the wrapping pile!


Design: Hannah Gale

Design: Hannah Gale

Give your fireplace that festive touch by hanging beautiful decorative garlands. Just grab some Command Clear Decorating Clips to hang up your favourite garland – we used gold glittery stars here.  Or for more bulky decorations, use Command Medium Brushed Nickel Metal 

Hooks at each end to hold it in place without any hassle.  To complete the look, try wrapping up some old lightweight books finished off with string and then hang these from the fireplace using Command Ceiling Hooks – it’s as easy as that!  If you’d rather keep your fireplace clear from decorations, you could always use these decorations along with some fairy lights in a large window frame or to add some festive cheer to an unloved staircase.


Design: Sarah Akwisombe

Design: Sarah Akwisombe

Try something different this year with this hanging bauble tree, a treat for the eyes and less mess than a real one!  This pièce de résistance is sure to get your guests talking!  For this, we used clear thread and a whole lot of green baubles.  Once you’ve attached the baubles to the thread, you can hang each strand from the ceiling, hassle-free, using Command Ceiling Hooks.  If you want to add something extra, why not add some ribbons to the bauble tree and hang fairy lights around the area.  Using Command Clear Decorating Clips to hang the fairy lights in place - and you’re all set with this unique Christmas look!

Source: 3M Command