International Day of Light


UNESCO has declared May 16 as the International Day of Light, with the aim of making a global audience aware of the importance of light and lighting technologies.

And what could be more important to know about than light’s impact on us as people? 

Human Centric Lighting – in other words, lighting tailored to the needs of the human body – is one of the major trends right now in the lighting industry, with plenty of hype surrounding it.

So, what’s it all about? 

Light has a direct or indirect influence on important hormones. These hormones in turn affect various things such as blood pressure, heart rate, vitality, memory and mood.

It is scientifically proven that artificial light that closely simulates the changes in natural daylight can make a valuable contribution to establishing and stabilising human day/night biorhythms, boosting our sense of well-being and improving our health.

The right light at the right time helps us to be active and alert during the day, and to relax and sleep well at night. In fact, light is a regulator for our internal clock!


So, what do consumers think about Human Centric Lighting?

In an International consumer survey on light conducted by Research Now on behalf of LEDVANCE, 3/4 of those asked were sceptical or knew too little about the biological effects of light on the human body.

59% saw an advantage in using light to create a positive effect on the body and spirit.

And for 58% of the respondents, more information about light would have a major impact on their purchasing decisions.

At LEDVANCE, we consider it our responsibility to provide more information on the huge contribution that good light can make on the well-being of each and every one of us.

So, this International Day of Light, take a moment to appreciate the difference that tailored lighting can make to your well-being throughout the day.

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