July Garden Jobs

July is usually a great month to sit out and enjoy your garden. The workload should be a little less as we progress through the summer months and the vegetable garden will be starting to reap rewards with the first of the early potatoes ready for digging. However there is always something to be done in the garden, whether it`s pruning, tidying or sowing.

The following are the priority jobs for this month:

Dead head annuals, perennials and roses to encourage new bloom.

Regular feeding now with products such as `Miracle gro all purpose` will keep plants healthy and at their best.

Shrubs that flower in early summer can be pruned back now if needed by removing some of the old woody growth to the ground.

Faded flower spikes of many perennials should be removed to the ground to encourage a longer season.

Monitor planted containers regularly to make sure they do not dry out in sunny, windy weather.

Now is a good time to spray Glyphosate products such as `Roundup` to kill weeds and grasses in brick patios and walks.

Give the lawn a quick acting summer feed with a fertiliser such as `Aftercut 3 day Green` especially if not given a spring feed.

Continue succession sowing of carrots, beetroot, radishes, turnips, leeks, lettuce, peas and beans.

Sow seeds for next year: spring cabbage, salad onions, winter salads, spinach.

Net brassicas and fruit to protect them from birds and/or cabbage butterflies.

Clear away weeds regularly as they compete with your crops for nutrients and water.

Clear away any diseased and spent foliage on and around vegetable plants to keep them healthy.

Tie in tomatoes, pinching out any side shoots as you go.

Resist the temptation to harvest more rhubarb stems. This allows the plant to build up reserves for next year.

Prune your plum, cherry and peach trees now to reduce the risk of getting silver leaf disease.

Continue to feed all fruiting and vegetable plants in containers with a high potash liquid feed such as `Tomato Plant Food`.

Remember: Make time to relax and enjoy your garden whenever the weather allows.

Happy Gardening!