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Woodie's are classified as an essential retailer and will remain open. Please note, our partyzone is now closed in all stores
June Garden Jobs

By June the garden is in full swing. Higher temperatures and longer days encourages garden plants to put on an extra burst of growth requiring vigilance in many areas particularly weed control. Frost is less likely to be a problem in most gardens so it is now safe to plant out all those tender plants and crops raised in pots indoors.

The following are the priority jobs for this month:

Regularly hoe weeds between vegetable rows and borders.

Succession sow carrots, radishes, turnips, beetroot, peas, beans and lettuce.                                              

Plant vegetables in containers and grow them on decks, patios or other small spaces. If you did not raise your own from seed you can purchase the plants in the garden centre.

Peas need staking with peas sticks, netting or pruned garden twigs.                       

Don’t forget the barriers for carrots and cabbage.

Continue to earth up potatoes not ready for harvesting.

Watch seedlings, young new growth and bedding plants for attacks by snails and slugs especially in warm damp weather. Effective products include Organic slug & snail killer and Vitax slug.                                                                                                    

As soon as strawberries spread, peg down runners to produce new plants for next year.

Feed tomato and cucumber plants weekly with tomato liquid feed.

Prune spring flowering shrubs once flowering has ended so that they have sufficient time to regrow and ripen their stems ready for flowering next year.

Feed container plants as standard potting compost will run out of nutrients a month or so after planting. Use a liquid feed such as `Levington Liquid Tomorite`.

Plant out summer bedding and position summer hanging baskets and containers outside. Water regularly as they can dry out fast in warm weather.

Encourage repeat flowering by removing faded flowers. This not only keeps the displays looking good, but will encourage further flushes of blooms.

Apply a lawn fertiliser this month such as `Westland Aftercut Lawn Feed & Conditioner` to encourage a rich green colour from now until autumn.

Note: It is not too late to sow and plant many edibles and ornamentals in the garden.

Happy Gardening!