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Woodie's are classified as an essential retailer and will remain open. Please note, our partyzone is now closed in all stores
Revive Your Garden Accessories With Rust-Oleum

Each year green-fingered gardeners spend hundreds of pounds on new furniture and accessories to return gardens to their summer glory. But, more often than not, items just need a little TLC to make them bright and beautiful again.

If your patio pots and furniture are looking a little weary, why not consider refreshing them with a coat of paint? Then you can get out into the garden at every given opportunity with whatever good weather we may be blessed with!

By adding a splash of colour you can turn garden accessories into a real focal point. Not only will they look great, the spray paint will also protect them from rust if they are left outdoors overnight.

If you're a fan of the natural look, adding shades and textures which mimic the garden environment can add depth and elegance to any space.

We used Rust-Oleum Textured in Autumn Brown to give our rabbit a new lease of life. Available in three other colours; Deep Forest, Aged Iron and Desert Bisque, Rust-Oleum Textured is designed for wood and metal surfaces and can be used on other surfaces over a suitable primer.

If you're short on space but want to brighten up your garden, adding furniture in bold colours can make up for the lack of natural colour. Whether it is wicker, metal or wood, weather-beaten or second hand furniture can be brought back to life with spray paint.

In the project above we used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Real Orange to make the wicker chair stand out. We chose spray paint as it allowed us to tackle those hard to reach areas, meaning we finished the project in just one afternoon!

When it comes to gardens we're fans of using bright, feel-good, colours to give your outdoor space a happy, sunshine feel.

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One project which can really make your gardening chores more bearable whilst brightening things up is injecting colour into your everyday gardening tools. Using Rust-Oleum Primer with some bright shades of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint we upgraded these watering cans into brightly coloured accessories.

It really is the little things that can make a big difference so start small and see where your green (yellow, orange, red…) fingers take you.

Tips for painting outdoor accessories:

  • Remove any existing loose or peeling paint and give your item a light sand down before cleaning it ready for painting.
  • Use a primer on any bare wood or metal or save time by using Rust-Oleum Universal paint as it primes and paints in one easy step! 

Source: Rust-Oleum.