September Garden Jobs

As summer turns into autumn make sure that the necessary tasks are carried out to keep the garden flourishing until the first frosts as well as planning and preparing the garden for the new season and for the following spring.

The following are the priority jobs for this month:

Continue to deadhead and feed summer bedding plants to prolong colour well into the winter months.

Cut down perennials that have finished flowering and mulch soil with compost or well rotted manure. Continue dead heading late flowering perennials.

Divide large perennial clumps like crocosmias, euphorbias, delphiniums’ etc. Regular dividing will invigorate them with better flowering next year.

An excellent month for planting new perennials as soil is warm and moisture levels are increasing.

Stores are now well stocked with spring flowering bulbs for planting in pots and borders to provide a succession of flowers from January to May.

Now is a perfect time to plant autumn and spring bedding plants to take over when the summer colour fades.

Treat your lawn now with an autumn lawn preparation such as `EverGreen Autumn 2 in1` to control moss and to help grass withstand the harsh winter weather.

This is a good month to sow a new lawn and repair bare patches in existing lawns.

Autumn is a great time for shrub planting especially evergreens. Visit our garden centres now to view the excellent range available.

Prune back bush roses by 50% to prevent wind rock through the winter months.

Strawberries generally become exhausted after a few years and need replacing. New plants are now readily available.

Cut old, fruited canes of summer raspberries to the ground, thin out and tie in new canes for next year’s crop.

Towards the end of the month start putting crops such as carrots and beetroot in to storage.

Complete the harvesting and storing of onions, making sure they are well ripened before harvest.

A good time to spray perennial weeds such as couch grass with products containing glyph sate such as `Roundup`.

Note: September is a great gardening month with plenty of colour and hopefully very good weather. 

Happy Gardening!