September Garden Jobs


Dead Head Perennials

Keep dead heading perennials if you want longer performance.  I always leave enough seed-heads for wildlife to feed on for winter.

Planting for Spring

Now is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs such as Crocus, Daffodils and Hyacinths. They look so good planted in drifts or rivers.

Prepare The Glasshouse For Autumn

Now is a good time to clean out the glasshouse and prepare it for autumn planting.

Protect The Veg!

It’s a good idea to cover any vegetables that need protection from birds with netting.

Want Better Flowering?

You can now divide large perennial clumps like crocosmias, euphorbias & delphiniums etc. Regular dividing will invigorate them with better flowering next year.

Post Summer Bedding

It is also a perfect time to plant autumn and spring bedding plants to take over when the summer colour fades.

Sowing & Repairing The Lawn

This is a good month to sow a new lawn and repair bare patches in existing lawns. This gives it a great start and will see very strong growth in the New Year.

Exhausted Strawberries Are Dying

Many strawberry plants become exhausted after a few years and need replacing. New plants are now readily available. What about sowing a few different varieties?

Cut Summer Raspberries

Cut old, fruited canes of summer raspberries to the ground, thin out and tie in new canes for next year’s crop.

Veg Preparation

Towards the end of the month start putting crops such as carrots and beetroot in to storage.