Spotlight on Colour: Winter Grey

This month we take a look at one of the most fashionable shades in the Rust-Oleum chalky finish furniture paint range: the gorgeous and calming Winter Grey

Grey is definitely the in colour right now. Combining its versatility and pure luxe, it’s the perfect choice for chic interiors and exteriors. This summer, Winter Grey is the colour for all of your design needs, whether that’s in the garden or in the home. Following the trend of bringing the outdoors in, why not switch it up and take the indoors out! Using grey in the home and also in the garden helps to merge living spaces with style. You can easily pair Winter Grey with accent colours to create a warm or cool look depending on your décor’s personality. 

Forget about whites and creams, grey’s ever-growing popularity means the colour is here to stay. Keep that in mind if you’re considering an addition to your furniture or planning your next upcycle. Stay cool with grey and you’ll stay stylish for a long time.

Grey’s flexibility makes it the go-to canvas for multiple rooms. Kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces can all look amazing in Winter Grey. Adding different shades is also a great way to create depth to a design scheme without introducing too many colours.

For tips on styling Winter Grey, use neutrals and creams to create a soft colour palette. Use natural textures such as marble and concrete along with heavily textured soft furnishings, and you’ll achieve a light, spacious look that’s both stylish and relaxing.

For something that’s a little more out-there and striking, add bright pops of colour through furniture, soft furnishings or a painted wall. This lively contrast with muted Winter Grey is both dramatic and sophisticated, and just a wonderful vibe for any living area or busy space.

Source: Rust-Oleum.