Warm Up a North Facing Room This Winter

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Winter is the perfect time for some interior decorating. During those blustery days when you are trapped indoors, it is a great excuse to tick that room you have wanted to update off the list. Winter skies can be grey and gloomy but by injecting some colour into your home, you can transform your space into a warm and inviting room, no matter what the weather outside.

When it comes to decorating a north facing room, choosing a suitable shade can be difficult as most don’t benefit from much natural light. Many people think that by painting a north facing room white it will help reflect any light that the room receives but in truth light shades can appear much colder and harsher in a room that receives limited light taking away from that cosy feeling you want to create.

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Bold colours can indeed be beautiful and enhance a dark room. Jewel like colours are fantastic for transforming a room into an opulent and luxurious space. Try Johnstone’s Jade Jewel or Dark Angel for that regal feel. A deep red, like Johnstone’s Red Spice, is instantly inviting and works great in a dining room or open plan kitchen / living room.

Pink and gold tones like Johnstone’s Golden Ochre and Raspberry Twist will enrich a room and turn it into a relaxing environment that you want to cuddle up in.

Johntone's Winter

Colour is not just for south facing rooms, nor does it have to be confined to a feature wall…although if you are little afraid then this is a great way to experiment. If your want to create a more dramatic living room, for example, incorporate a dark colour by trying some new cushions. If you like what you see then add some matching accents. Still happy? Now, you can think about painting your walls.

If you are painting in winter then you need to make the most of the short daytime light as good light is essential to good decorating. It is best to buy your paint and equipment in advance so that you are good to go first thing in the morning and make the most of those daylight hours.

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Don’t be afraid of colour. Let the colours of your home change with the seasons, your moods and your family’s needs. That is the beauty of paint, it is easy to change.

Source: Johnstone's.