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Woodie's are classified as an essential retailer and will remain open. Please note, our partyzone is now closed in all stores

How To: Change Light Fittings

What you will need

  • New light fitting
  • Small and medium electrical screwdriver
  • Wire strippers (if required)
  • Multi-purpose detector


Disclaimer: These instructions serve as a guide only. If in any doubt or your job differs in any way from the job described, consult a qualified electrician.


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  • 1 Make sure the electricity has been turned off at the fuse box before starting work. Top Tip: If possible lock the fuse box, if not put electrical tape over the switch on fuse box or leave a note to make sure nobody turns power back on while you are working. Safety Note: Before fitting light read the safety instructions.
  • 2 Before removing the existing fitting, take note of the position of each set of cables. If there are loop in cables in the centre block of the ceiling rose make sure that they are terminated in a separate connector block not connected to the fitting. When dealing with wires always remember: • Green/Yellow = Earth • Brown = Live • Blue = Neutral In an older house the wires could be different colours: • Red = Live • Black = Neutral All new light fittings will be labeled to tell you where to insert each wire: • L = Live • N = Neutral • E or earth symbol = Earth Safety Note: If you do not have an earth wire in the connection point in the ceiling, do not attach any metallic fittings e.g. brass/chrome. Top Tip: Before removing any wires take a photo of the connection point in the ceiling with your phone to help you remember which wire goes where.
  • 3 Remove wires from existing fitting.
  • 4 Unscrew base and remove old fitting.
  • 5 The old fitting should have been connected to a joist but be sure to use a multi-purpose detector before attaching the new fitting. Then using the mounting bracket as a template, mark the fixing holes in the ceiling. If possible, line up with existing holes from old light fitting. If the holes don’t align you may have to drill new fixing holes into the joist.
  • 6 Attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling with suitable fixings.
  • 7 If the wires are damaged or if the current flex is too long cut off the old wires so that you are inserting fresh wires into the fitting. You may or may not need to do this. Strip off the end of the insulation to expose new copper to wire into the light.
  • 8 Read the instructions before attaching the wires and using these, your notes and photo as a guide, connect the live wire to the to the live connector block; the neutral wire to the neutral connector block; and the earth wire to the earth connector block. Safety Note: Ensure connections are tight and no loose strands of wire are left out of the terminal block and ensure terminal block is closed tightly and firmly in place.
  • 9 Offer fitting to the mounting bracket and align the fixing holes. Then secure the fitting to the mounting bracket and ensure this is fully tightened.
  • 10 Fit the bulbs to the light. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines and only use the bulbs recommended by the manufacturer. Do not exceed the wattage indicated in instructions. Then screw the glass onto the bulb holder taking care not to over tighten.
  • 11 Switch back on electricity at the fuse box and test the light.