How To: Clean And Rejuvenate uPVC

What you will need

  • uPVC restorer
  • Cloths
  • Damp sponge
  • Bucket or Basin


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  • 1 A uPVC cleaner will transform dirty and weathered uPVC, back to white. Wipe up any surface debris using a wet cloth or sponge prior to application. It’s important to thoroughly clean grease and dirt off the uPVC prior to using the restorer.
  • 2 Pour uPVC restorer onto a dampened cloth and work into the surface.
  • 3 Apply to one small section at a time, then buff off using a dry cloth. Top Tip: If possible try to avoid working in direct sunlight as this will cause the product to dry too quickly, making it more difficult to buff off. If working in direct sunlight apply to a limited area and buff off immediately.
  • 4 Repeat on individual sections until job is complete.
  • 5 Of course you can clean and revive other uPVC such as doors, cladding, fascias, guttering and conservatories.