How To: Install A Cold Water Tank Insulating Jacket

  • Tank Insulating Jacket Kit
  • Insulation tape (if required)
  • Knife or saw (if required)
  • Utility knife


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  • 1 Take all the parts out of the kit. You should have the various sections and straps. Unroll the jacket parts and shake lightly. Allow a few minutes for the insulation to expand.
  • 2 Place the short section panel over the tank lid and cut the insulation to suit vent pipes etc. (if fitted).
  • 3 Use insulation tape to seal any cut edges.
  • 4 Wrap the long section of the jacket around the tank, starting at the centre of one of the sides
  • 5 Trap the ends of the top panel in the process.
  • 6 All sides of the tank should be fully covered. Loosely tie the jacket, using tapes and adjust so that the ties are one-third from the bottom and one-third from the top of the tank and that they are spaced equally. Top Tip: The panels insulate more effectively if they are not compressed, so do not over-tighten the straps.
  • 7 Check the fit of the jacket to ensure even coverage.