How To: Install A Door Chain

What you will need 

  • A pencil
  • Wood drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Door chain


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  • 1 A door chain offers visible security, allowing conversation without giving access to visitors. Firstly, select the position for the door chain.
  • 2 Ensuring the chain anchor is flush with edge of door, mark the screw holes.
  • 3 If fitting to hardwood drill pilot holes first. Make sure that the drill bit doesn’t exceed the length of the screw or the width of the door. This ensures that you don’t drill fully through the door.
  • 4 Having drilled the holes, screw the chain anchor into position.
  • 5 Now position the chain hook on door frame level with chain anchor, make sure the hook is uppermost when positioning.
  • 6 Mark screw holes and drill the pilot holes.
  • 7 Fit chain, and screw the chain hook into position.
  • 8 To operate, simply slide the flat plate into the slot in chain anchor.
  • 9 When the chain is not in use, place the end ring on chain hook.