How To: Install A Water Butt

What you will need

  • Spirit level
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Hand saw
  • Water butt
  • Water butt stand      
  • Water butt connector kit
  • 25mm drill bit
  • Utility knife


Click here to view PDF.

  • 1 Place the water butt stand on firm, level ground, no more than 500mm from your downpipe.
  • 2 Now place the water butt on top of it and make sure the tap is screwed into the hole at the bottom of the water butt.
  • 3 Drill a 25mm hole through the side of the water butt at the top and attach the hose connector
  • 4 Mark out, using a spirit level, the position to cut a small section of downpipe to accommodate the connecter.
  • 5 Check manufacturer’s instructions for the size of section to be cut. Cut the diverter lid to the shape of your pipe and connect before inserting the diverter.
  • 6 Make sure the connector pipe is attached to the down pipe at the same level as it enters the water butt.
  • 7 Finally attach the diverter and connect up to the hose. You may have to trim the hose to the correct length.