How To: Install An Outdoor Tap

What you will need

  • Outdoor tap kit – Includes all the parts required.
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe cutter (if required)
  • Adjustable wrench


Click here to view PDF.

  • 1 Decide where you want your tap. Make sure the spot you choose is under the kitchen worktop and that there’s no pipes directly behind it. Choose a spot within 1 metre of an internal ½” cold water pipe and be careful to avoid pipes when drilling.
  • 2 Make a hole large enough for a ½” copper pipe to go through the external wall of the building.
  • 3 Screw the tap, which has PTFE tape already applied to the thread, into the threaded section of the flange making sure the joint is tight but not over-tightened.
  • 4 Cover the end of the pipe with tape temporarily to avoid wall debris entering it.
  • 5 Place the pipe through the wall and mark the screw holes on to the wall.
  • 6 Drill the holes and fill with rawl plugs. Place the rubber gasket on the copper pipe and pass the pipe through the hole from the outside of the building. The gasket forms a seal to most wall surfaces.
  • 7 With the tap outlet facing downwards, secure the flange onto the outside of the wall with the screws supplied.
  • 8 Secure one end of the stainless steel flexible braided hose to the end of the copper pipe with either a push fit or compression fitting. If it becomes necessary to shorten the pipe, cut the end square preferably with pipe cutter and file off any rough edges. - Here we have use a push fitting. Simply push the fitting over the projecting section of the pipe until the pipe is fully inserted up to the stop inside the fitting socket – it will ‘click’ home. - Should it be necessary to disconnect the joint, use the demounting clip by locating it over the pipe and then push it towards the joint. This action forces the ring onto the stainless steel gripper to release its hold on the pipe, permitting the fitting to be easily withdrawn.
  • 9 Ensure the tap is in the off position, then locate and tighten the two halves of the saddle valve around the cold water supply pipe under the sink.
  • 10 Rotate the valve body clockwise until the internal auger punctures the copper pipe.
  • 11 Then lock the valve in position with the back nut.
  • 12 Firmly secure the other end of the braided hose to the valve and turn on the valve tap.
  • 13 Now your outdoor tap is completely installed.