How To: Paint A Radiator

What you will need

  • Paint brush
  • Suitable radiator paint (Satinwood is ideal)
  • Dust sheet
  • Radiator paint brush (if required)


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  • 1 Turn off the radiator and leave it to cool. Radiators should be cold before starting. Clean the radiator to ensure it is free from dust, dirt, grease or loose material. If the radiator has previously been painted, lightly sand it and then wipe off any dust.
  • 2 Spread out a dust cloth under the radiator to protect the flooring from any paint splatter.
  • 3 Using Satinwood, brush out well and lay off evenly in one direction. Leave to dry overnight. Using a good quality bristle brush, apply the paint on the radiator in the direction of the grooves.
  • 4 Paint in sections and move across the radiator slightly overlapping until you reach the end. Don’t overload your brush and spread out evenly to avoid dripping and runs. Then paint along the top and bottom of the radiator and don’t forget the sides.
  • 5 Leave paint to dry for time indicated in manufacturer’s instructions and then apply a second coat if necessary. Make sure to read the instructions for advice on when you can turn the radiator back on.