How To: Put Up A Curtain Pole

What you will need

  • Appropriate size or extendable Curtain Pole with brackets
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Multi-purpose detector
  • Step ladder
  • Spirit Level / laser level
  • Pencil
  • Appropriate rawl plugs


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  • 1 Check with the wall you are working on. Check to see if it’s a solid or plasterboard wall. The best way to do this is with a simple knock. If the wall is plasterboard, fix the brackets directly to a wooden stud behind the plasterboard. If the wall is solid you will need to use a drill with a masonry bit and suitable rawl plug.
  • 2 Hold your curtains up to the window to decide on the height the pole needs to be. Poles should be fitted at least 75mm above the window frame. Mark this height on the wall.
  • 3 Use a multi-purpose detector to determine if there are any hazards behind where you are drilling. If fixing to a plasterboard wall also locate studs to fix the brackets to. Top tip: If drilling into masonry, use a masonry drill bit and select hammer-action on your drill. Mark the depth of your plug on the drill bit with masking tape so you know when to stop.
  • 4 Hold a bracket at the height you want your pole and mark the drill / screw holes. If you are fixing the pole to studs in a plasterboard wall, secure the bracket to the stud using wood screws. There will always be studs either side of the window and by fixing your brackets to these it will ensure they can take the weight of the pole and the curtains.
  • 5 Check the bracket is level before final tightening.
  • 6 With the position of the first bracket as a guide, use a laser level to mark the position of your second bracket. Hold the laser level around where your second bracket should go, then move up and down until the laser is level with your first bracket. Alternatively use a spirit level to mark the position of the second bracket. Lightly mark underneath with a pencil across until you have a straight line to where you need to place the second bracket.
  • 7 Double check that the markings for the second bracket are level to those of the first bracket. Secure the bracket to the wall using the same method as you used for the first. Additional information: If the pole is for a wide window you may also need to secure a third bracket in the centre of the pole. If possible secure this bracket to a stud. If there isn’t a stud in the centre of the window secure using suitable plasterboard fixings.
  • 8 Once brackets are firmly secured they are now ready to take the weight of the pole and the curtains. Secure the pole by tightening the little screws underneath each bracket.