How To: Put Up A Hanging Basket

What you will need

  • Hanging basket & bracket
  • Drill and masonry or wood drill bits
  • Screws & rawl plugs
  • Screwdriver or screw bit for drill
  • Spirit level


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  • 1 Choose a spot where the basket will catch the eye but make sure it’s easy to reach for watering. Avoid draughty corner sites and heavy shade as plants will find it difficult to thrive in these areas. A flower basket must hang far enough away from the wall to avoid damage to brickwork in windy weather.
  • 2 When you have chosen your spot. Use the bracket to mark the drill holes on the wall. Use your spirit level to ensure the bracket is perfectly straight. Make the markings so that the basket will hang just above eye level. Top Tip: Make sure to wear safety goggles when drilling into the masonry wall. Mark the depth of the rawl plug on the drill bit using a piece of masking tape as a guide.
  • 3 Set your drill to hammer action and attach a masonry bit. Drill into the wall where you have marked. Drill deep enough so that the rawl plugs can be inserted fully.
  • 4 Insert the rawl plugs into the holes and secure the bracket with the appropriate sized screws.
  • 5 Attach the hanging basket to the bracket.
  • 6 Half Manger. Half manger baskets are a great way to brighten up your back garden and are ideal for growing herbs and small flowers.
  • 7 Measure the post that you want to hang your half manger basket off and mark with a pencil where you need to screw in your hook.
  • 8 Drill a pilot hole for the hook using a wood drill bit.
  • 9 Insert the hook into your pilot hole and screw in until it’s secure. Use a wrench for final tightening if necessary.
  • 10 Hang your half manger basket on the hook.