How To: Replace A 2-Gang Switch

What you will need

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire stripper/cutter tool
  • Two-gang socket switch


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  • 1 Safety first! Make sure the electricity has been turned off at the fuse box before starting work. Top Tip: If possible lock the fuse box, if not put electrical tape over the switch on fuse box or leave a note to make sure nobody turns power back on while you are working.
  • 2 Read the instructions of the new switch before starting work.
  • 3 Unscrew the old switch and leave to hang on the wall. Keep the old screws in case you need them later with the new fitting. A good idea is to take a photo of the wires in place with your mobile phone camera.
  • 4 Take a note of which wires go to each terminal. When dealing with wires always remember: • Green/Yellow = Earth • Brown = Live • Blue = Neutral In an older house the wires could be different colours: • Red = Live • Black = Neutral • Green = Earth Safety Note: If you do not have an earth wire at the switch, do not attach any metallic switches to this fitting e.g. brass/chrome.
  • 5 When dealing with a two-gang switch, the best way to approach this is to connect one wire at a time. First remove the common “Com” wire from the old switch and attach to the “Com” terminal in the new switch. Next, remove the “L1” wire from the old switch and attach to the “L1” terminal in the new switch.
  • 6 Finally, if there is an “L2” wire present for 2-way switching, example for hallway to landing, remove this from the old switch and attach to the “L2” terminal in the new switch. There may not always be an “L2” wire present. Repeat this process for the second switch on the fitting. Ensure all connections are fully tightened.
  • 7 If fitting a metallic switch, you will also need to connect an earth fly lead from the new switch to the box. These can be picked up in any Woodies store.
  • 8 Fold the wires neatly into the box and secure the fitting in place. Top Tip: If necessary use the old screws to secure the fitting as the screws that come with the fitting might not be long enough to reach the box.
  • 9 Turn back on the power and test the switch.