How To: Replace A Shower Hose

What you will need

  • New shower hose
  • Cloth
  • Pliers (If required)
  • Shower head (If required)


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  • 1 Always remember when you are going to replace a cracked/damaged shower hose, or an old/broken showerhead is that all the replacement fittings are universal. The only thing you need to consider when choosing a new head is whether the style of head you choose will fit your riser. Top Tip: Make sure the shower/ bath is dry before beginning work.
  • 2 Remove the current hose from the shower head and the shower / tap. Sometimes you may need to use a pliers and a cloth to remove the fitting, but generally it can be done by hand. Of course if you plan on replacing the showerhead as well as the hose there is no need to remove the existing head from the hose. Top Tip: Take care not to damage the showerhead when separating it from the pipe, especially if you plan on using the same showerhead again.
  • 3 Replace with the new hose, ensuring that all joins are tightened securely to avoid any water seeping out. Be careful not to over-tighten as this could damage the washers.