Loctite Super Glue provides fast, strong and durable solutions for everyday gluing tasks at home. Its guaranteed results make Loctite a leading brand both for consumers and industries.

Loctite has recently launched Kintsuglue, inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Loctite Kintsuglue is a flexible putty created to fix almost any broken objects, even flexible ones!

Loctite 60sec All-Purpose Glue: the first all-purpose glue from Loctite which lets you fix big and mid-sized objects in only 60 seconds. What makes it so special is its SPEED - It bonds most materials in only 60 seconds. Its STRENGTH - it holds up to 130kg/cm² & it is REPOSITIONABLE - giving you time to align and adjust things perfectly.

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