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Top Trending Décor Aesthetics for your Home

A home is a place where you find comfort and happiness. You spend most of your time in your home, so it's important to make it comfortable and inviting. Most people like different types of aesthetics when designing their homes. Traditional, modern, and contemporary designs all have their supporters.

You can achieve the look you want by incorporating different elements into your home design- space accents, furniture, colour schemes, etc.  From bringing nature inside with Biophilic designs to the revival of the 70s, we have listed the Top Trending Décor Aesthetics for your Home in 2022 below!

Biophilic Design

The biophilic design helps you bring your love of nature into your home by incorporating natural lighting, natural colour schemes, and lots of house plants! To bring this design to life in your home, you should consider the layout of your room. The windows in your room will be the focal point, keeping them clear from any obstructions and letting natural light fill out the room.

Bedroom Trend Edit by Woodie's collection.

Of course, bringing your love of nature into your home means adding a lot of green to the room.  By using green paint, and adding plants or green accessories, you are bringing the love of life and the living world, right into your home.

All types of indoor lants in woven baskets.

Then finish the whole look off with natural textures, neutral colour furniture, flooring, and lighting! Just like the ones we have here!

Hallway console table with a mirror and lamp.

The 70's Revival

When people think of the 1970s, they often think of hippie culture and a love for nature. Popular interior design styles from the 1970s included natural and contemporary. Natural décor included earth tones, wood, stone, and neutral colours such as beige, white, and green. Contemporary designs featured modern furniture, lighting, textiles, and carpeting in bright primary colours such as yellow and blue. Adding a pop of colour with patterns in bold primary colours also made for an eye-catching aesthetic.

70s vintage side table with plants, brick wall and accessories.

The culture of the 1970s influenced the decorating trends of the following decade. For example, people remade their homes to reflect their new attitudes about personal space and comfort. They also preferred large floor plans with open concept design so they could enjoy Functional Living Spaces.

In addition to changing interior design styles, people changed their homes to reflect their new ideas about family life- both together and apart. A family that was together enjoyed bigger homes with more space, but families that were apart tended to smaller homes with more style and personality.

Organe striped wall paint design.

While you might not be ready for the revival of the colour orange taking over your home, add it anyway… in moderation. Keep the tone of the room neutral and add pops of orange (like the paint feature wall above and cushions).

Naturals & Neutrals

Everyone has their own ideas about interior decorating; however, many people think that decorating a home requires a great deal of skill. In reality, decorating a home is primarily a matter of choosing good interior design ideas and coordinating them well with the rest of the décor. Neutral decor is an easy way to transform any space, and natural elements can bring nature inside. Choosing the right interior design ideas makes a home look and feel much more welcoming and comfortable.

Neutral coloured bedroom with glamourous mirror.

Interior decorating should complement the home's natural elements and colours. For example, a woodsy theme would work well with natural wood elements such as wood, wool, and stones. White is a neutral colour that can be used to coordinate with any other complementary colour or element.

Dark grey or black accents further coordinate with white by looking lighter against it. Other natural options include earth tones such as grassy greens and damp greys. Neutral decor should also be comfortable for the eyes- so avoiding bright, harsh colours is key. Instead, soft pastel colours such as baby blues, greens, and yellows should take center stage.

Kitchen storage unit against a brick wall.

Natural elements such as plants, trees, windows, and walls can bring nature inside without disrupting interior decorating plans. There are many ways to include these elements in your interior design plan. Natural textures such as wood or stone can also make excellent decorative elements in their own right. Additionally, vintage or retro furniture can match these elements by using wood, stone, or animal textures to update traditional styles.

Wooden chair against a brown painted wall.

Neutral interior decorating ideas are ideal for transforming any space into a comfortable home environment. Decorating using natural elements helps make every space feel like a place where people from all walks of life feel at home.