How To: Paint A Metal Gate

What you will need

  • Cloth
  • Wire brush
  • Paint brush
  • Dust sheet
  • Metal care primer (if required)
  • Metal care paint for gates & railings, E.g. Triflow or Hammerite
  • Plastic or disposable gloves
  • White spirits


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  • 1 Scrape any loose rust off of the gate using a stiff-bristled wire brush.
  • 2 Degrease and clean the gates using white spirits and allow to dry. Wear disposable gloves when doing this.
  • 3 Before painting spread out a dust sheet around the gate to protect the ground surrounding the gate. Top tip: A metal care paint like Triflow or Hammerite can be applied directly onto metal without using primer and undercoat. They can be painted directly onto rusty surfaces. It’s as easy as that! Certain bare metal surfaces like zinc, aluminium and galvanised may need a Special Metals Primer first, so read instructions carefully.
  • 4 Now you are ready to paint. Start on the side of the gate facing you, paint the outer edges first, then paint any decorative edges, and finally move over to the other side of the gate. Clean off any drips as you work.
  • 5 Dab paint on any small spots you have missed to avoid brush marks.
  • 6 On previously painted metal in sound condition one coat should be sufficient. On bare/rusty metal two coats are required.