How To: Protect Exterior Brickwork

What you will need

  • Exterior Water Seal
  • Wire brush
  • Suitable exterior filler (if required)
  • Masonry paint brush or roller
  • Ladder or steps


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  • 1 Protecting exterior brickwork is a great way to prevent water seeping into the your exterior wall and damaging the brickwork of your home. An exterior water seal delivers invisible protection against water damage. It travels deep into exterior dry porous surfaces to form a breathable membrane that allows moisture vapour inside the substrate to evaporate whilst protecting against water penetration and damage.
  • 2 For maximum performance ensure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free from mould and fungal growth. Carry out any repairs and fill any surface cracks prior to treatment.
  • 3 Apply the water seal on the brickwork using either a paint brush or a roller.
  • 4 On vertical surfaces, saturate well, working from the bottom up. It’s very important to fully cover the area you’re working on. On horizontal surfaces saturate well and after 15 minutes remove puddles by redistributing to dry areas.
  • 5 For maximum protection apply two coats. On masonry the second coat may be applied as soon as the first coat has soaked into the surface.