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How To: Replace Bathroom Tap

What you will need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Utility knife
  • Bucket
  • Plumbers tape – PTFE
  • New taps
  • Adjustable basin wrench (if required)


Click here to view PDF.

  • 1 Isolate the water to the hot or cold tap by turning off the isolating penny valves under the sink, the isolating valves in the hot press or the mains supply under the kitchen sink. Then run the taps until the water stops running and the pipes are empty.
  • 2 Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the connector nuts that attach the tap tail to the water pipe.
  • 3 Find the back nut that holds the tap in place. This is usually found under the sink, directly under the tap. If it’s a tight fit you can use the adjustable wrench to undo the nut.
  • 4 Remove the tap from the sink. Top tip: Use a utility knife to cut away any sealant attaching the tap to the sink.
  • 5 Insert the new tap into the sink and connect the nut to the tap tail underneath the sink.
  • 6 Put plumbers tape around the joint. Tighten by hand first and then do final tightening using the adjustable basin wrench.
  • 7 Turn on water supply and test the new taps.