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The Top 8 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

You don’t have to tackle huge projects if you’re looking to spruce up your living space. Focusing on one area of your kitchen can do the trick! Our top 8 kitchen island decor ideas will help bring new excitement to your home.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #1: Switch Out Your Fixtures and Hardware

The first thing you can do when it comes to kitchen island decor ideas? Check your fixtures on your island. If they’re plain, builder-grade taps, consider switching them out. Find fixtures that add more personality, either through colour or style. A large, pulldown kitchen tap in brushed bronze or stainless steel is a great choice!

Do the same for the hardware on your kitchen island. If you’re currently saddled with ordinary knobs and pulls, think about changing them. Find ones that match your home’s decor.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #2: Add Seating to Your Kitchen Island

Industry bar stools

A great option? Add seating to your kitchen island! Find bar stools that match your home’s aesthetic and add them to your island. They’ll double as a decor piece and as a functional sitting space.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #3: Create Built-in Storage

White kitchen cabinet open with a black bin  mounted to the inside of doorBrabantia Built-in-Bin Black 10 litre

Your kitchen island can be more than just a sink and added seating. Use it for functionality in your kitchen by adding built-in storage with the use of handy command hooks.

Rubbish Bin

Create a nook under the island sink for your rubbish bin. It’ll keep it hidden so it’s not an eyesore for you or any guests you have over.

Kitchenware Storage

Your island is a great place to store away your kitchenware. Use cabinet and drawer space to store your tableware, your saucepans and bakeware, and even small appliances!

Wine Cooler

Need somewhere for a wine cooler? Add it to your kitchen island! Give yourself more room in your refrigerator, without having to take up even more floor space.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #4: Use Your Best Kitchenware

A kitchen counter with multiple white storage boxes on top

You can add more storage space for your kitchenware on your island. Or, you can use your island to display your kitchenware as decor. This is also the best option for kitchen island ideas on a budget since you’re using what you already have.

Pick your best dishes and set them out on your kitchen island as a beautiful decor piece. Use dishes that vary in size, shape, and colour (but make sure they complement each other) to add visual interest to your island.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #5: Get Creative with Colour

A white kitchen with a kitchen island pained in mint green

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be one boring colour. If you’re wanting to add personality and excitement to your kitchen area, paint your island!

Kitchen Island Colour Ideas

Match your kitchen island colours to the overall mood and decor style of your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Here are just a few interior paint colour ideas for your kitchen island:

  • Use earthy tones like rich, warm browns for a natural, bohemian aesthetic
  • Black is a great way to add a layer of drama and modernity to your kitchen
  • Get vibrant with a bright yellow, orange, or blue
  • Find a grey tone for a more calming, neutral effect
  • Or you can stay classic with a shade of white

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #6: Light It Up

A hanging industrial ceiling lightNewcastle 3 Light Industrial

Pay attention to the lights above your kitchen island. If they feel plain, switch them for something that suits your home decor more. Pendant lights are perfect kitchen island lighting ideas that add visual interest to your entire kitchen.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #7: Showcase the Season

A crisp clean whte kitchen with a fruit bowl and flowers on the kitchen island

When it comes to kitchen island decor ideas, use the seasons to your advantage.

Add Fruit, Flowers, or Other Seasonal Centerpieces

Create centrepieces using fruit or flowers and greenery depending on the season. Here are a few kitchen island decor ideas:

  • For the spring, choose bright coloured fruit and flowers, like hydrangeas and limes.
  • In the summer, make a centrepiece out of peaches and roses.
  • During autumn, go for the bold, vibrant coloured fruit and flowers, such as pumpkins and chrysanthemums.
  • For winter, build a holiday centrepiece with poinsettias, cranberries, and pine.

Kitchen Island Decor Idea #8: Keep It Simple

A clean white kitchen with a bar kitchen island top

Don’t Overcrowd Your Kitchen Island Space

While kitchen island decor is fun, you don’t want to move into the land of clutter. So, don’t overcrowd your kitchen island space. Know that sometimes, having just one centrepiece or focal piece is enough.

If you have more room on your kitchen island, you can consider “clustering” smaller pieces together. Remember your rule of threes, here. The eye is naturally drawn to things grouped in threes, as it looks more balanced.

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space, know that you don’t have to finish a huge project to make a big impact. Focusing on one area, like your kitchen island decor, is a great way to add new excitement and liveliness to your home.

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