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12 Small Balcony Ideas: How to Spruce Up Your Apartment’s Outdoor Space

Apartment balconies are one of the most overlooked living spaces. Yet, they have the potential to be such a warm, inviting area to relax in.

They are the perfect place to sit outside on warm, sunny days to unwind. Or you can create a special place to socialise when you have guests over. However, all too often, people use their small balcony space as a catch-all for items that don’t fit or don’t have a home elsewhere in the apartment. 

So, if your outdoor space feels like it’s lacking, then continue reading. We’ve got 12 small balcony ideas to spruce up your apartment.

How Can You Make a Small Balcony Feel Spacious? 

The key to making a small balcony feel more spacious is to work with what you have, first and foremost. 

Don’t overwhelm the space with furniture and other items without measuring them. Too much clutter or outdoor patio sets that are too big for the space instantly make the area look smaller. 

Finally, don’t forget to utilise your wall space. Not only does it give you more room for what you need, but it also draws the eye upwards. That makes a small balcony feel larger than it is. 

12 Small Balcony Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space:

There are a multitude of ways to reinvigorate your space. No matter if you’re on a budget, if you’re wanting something cosy, or if you want to create a modern outdoor area, there’s plenty you can do for your apartment balcony. 

Small Balcony Ideas on a Budget

The great news is that if you have a small balcony in your apartment, you don’t have to do too much to fill it. So if you’re on a stricter budget, you’ll still be able to create a wonderful outdoor space. 

Here are 3 small balcony ideas on a budget:

  1. Add Multi-Functional Items
    Since tiny balconies are cramped for space already, you want to make sure you use your space efficiently. For this small balcony design idea, you’ll want to pay close attention to the larger pieces, such as furniture. Make sure that they serve more than one purpose, that way you can maximise your space.

    For example, choose storage boxes that can also act as table spaces. Or, opt for storage boxes that open up for blanket and outdoor pillow storage. You can also try incorporating a cart on wheels. It can serve as both storage space and an outdoor cocktail area.
  2. Sift Through What You Already Own
    If you’re on a tight budget, then don’t overlook what you already own. There are plenty of indoor options that may still be perfect for the balcony feel you’re looking for.

    If you have wooden crates, like wine crates, you can incorporate those into your overall small balcony design ideas. Use them as shelves or as a coffee table, so you don’t have to splurge on other outdoor furniture. You could even turn them on their short ends, add a cushion, and use them as small seats! 
  3. Choose a Hammock Instead
    Blue and white striped pattern string and cotton hammock hanging chair in balcony with white painted wooden board background

    With tiny balconies, you may want to consider foregoing outdoor furniture options. Instead, create a cosy nook that’s perfect for your needs, rather than the needs of others. If that resonates with you, try hanging a hammock instead. It will act as the perfect relaxing seating option to help you unwind. 

Cosy Small Balcony Ideas

For some, creating a cosy atmosphere outside is important. If you love spending time outdoors to relax and unwind, then using these 3 cosy small balcony ideas will give you what you’re looking for: 

  1. Find Interesting Lighting Fixtures
    One of the best cosy small balcony ideas is utilising lighting. Finding interesting lighting fixtures is a great way to create the cosy glow that you’re looking for. You can find tall floor lamps to plug into a corner or you can use string lights for an ambient glow all around your small balcony outdoor space!
  2. Add Living Plants or Flowers to the Balcony Railing
    There’s something about living plants and flowers that add a wonderful sense of whimsy and comfort. So, if you’re trying to create a cosy small balcony, then this idea is a must.

    Add potted plants to the corners of your balcony. Try to incorporate plants and pots of varying sizes to add visual interest. You can also add hanging planters to the overhang ceiling, if your apartment balcony has one. If not, consider attaching window boxes to the balcony railing.

    Add potted plants to the corners of your balcony. Try to incorporate plants and pots of varying sizes to add visual interest. You can also add hanging planters to the overhang ceiling, if your apartment balcony has one. If not, consider attaching window boxes to the balcony railing.
  3. Choose Whimsical Seating
    Snuggling up in a corner with a comfy blanket and a great book is a wonderful way to use a cosy balcony. But to do so, you need comfortable seating! Why not use this opportunity to find more whimsical seating options to add to that “comfort” factor you’re looking for.

    Find seating, like a hanging chair, and place it in one of your balcony corners. Incorporate some of the other small balcony design ideas to fill out the rest of your space.

Modern Small Balcony Ideas

Maybe your apartment balcony aesthetic is in need of a modern touch. If that’s the case, then use these 3 modern small balcony ideas to help create the balcony feel you’re going for: 

  1. Update the Flooring with Decking
    Most balconies come standard with bland, concrete flooring. So if you’re looking to modernise the space, you may want to consider covering that up. Using decking tiles to create a modern, al-fresco look that even apartments in Paris would be jealous of. 
  2. Make it An Extension of Your Living Room
    A modern take on small balcony design ideas is to make your outdoor area an extension of your living room. Rather than creating a “separate” area, incorporate some of the interior design staples of your living room onto your balcony.

    And if you can, keep your windows and doors open to make it feel as though it’s one inviting space.
  3. Use Tall Plants for Privacy
    Rather than hanging a curtain, don’t overlook how wonderful tall plants can be for added privacy. Tall plants like fiddle leaf fig trees or bamboo make a beautiful garden aesthetic while also adding plenty of privacy.

Small Balcony Furniture Ideas

For many, balconies are a great way to enjoy company while also getting fresh air from the outdoors. So, naturally, they want to fill the space with plenty of seating and eating areas. 

If that sounds like you, then these 3 small balcony furniture ideas will be perfect:

  1. Incorporate Folding Furniture
    If you’re looking for small balcony furniture ideas, then one of the best things you can do is incorporate folding furniture. It’s a great way to add easy-to-install table and chairs that are not permanent. So you can constantly change your space as you need to.
  2. Add a Patio Table with a Parasol for Sun and Rain Cover
    If your balcony is wide enough to fit a patio table and parasol, then it’s a good idea to consider it! It’s perfect for an outdoor dining area and the parasol can also act as a wonderful cover from both sunshine and rain.
  3. Use a Balcony Railing Table for More Floor Space
    If you have a super tiny balcony, then consider using a balcony railing table to add more floor space. It won’t take up as much space as a standard outdoor table. 

    Instead, you attach it to your balcony. Then, you can add bar stools for seating! You can even use it as an outdoor work area if you work from home. 

How Can Revamping a Balcony Make Your Apartment Feel Different? 

Choosing to focus on your balcony can do wonders for the rest of your living space. Not only that, but it can significantly brighten your mood. Far too often, people use their balconies as a catching ground for boxes, dying plants, and unused items that don’t fit elsewhere in the home. 

All of that clutter can leave you feeling anxious and frustrated. 

Choosing to revamp your apartment balcony not only reduces clutter, but it also makes you want to use that space. Can you imagine stepping out to your clean, wonderfully decorated balcony on a warm, summer day to enjoy lunch? Or what about cosying up with a blanket on a chilly spring morning with a book and a cup of tea? 

Your apartment balcony space is another great extension of your entire home. So don’t overlook it as you work to freshen up your living area! 

When you’re ready to spruce everything up, we’re here to help with our Outdoor Living Range

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