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Trend Edit by Woodie’s – A Note From the Designer

The Trend Edit by Woodie’s is a brand-new collection of carefully designed and specially selected products which work together to achieve the most up to date, ‘trending’ looks for your home. It is all about keeping tabs on what everyone wants to replicate from interior trends each season and making those items accessible and affordable, while working with what you already have.

We have caught up with our very own Woodie’s Homewares Manager and Interiors Expert Bronagh, who has carefully curated the Trend Edit by Woodie’s line to give us an inside look about the range and talk us through her favourite trends.

The Trend Edit by Woodie’s was born from watching and learning about what is engaging people on social platforms as well as popping up on our feeds. It is all about watching to see what everyone is looking to replicate and making those items accessible and affordable.

I like to think of the items in our new Trend Edit by Woodie’s as the personality of a room; it’s what you add to the space that can bring it right up to speed. It’s also important to consider how you use a room, so if you like to cosy up in an armchair to read a book, add a directional floor lamp for light and a side table to pop your cuppa on. For a cohesive look, pick a hero colour from your art or cushions and replicate with some other accessories

Grey has been dominating the Irish household for some time now, but 2022 is the year people are looking to bringing warmth back into their home but in a stylish and sophisticated palette. This is done with the use of warmer whites from our paint range like cosy white in a monochromatic palette and teaming it with warmer metals like brass in lighting, decorative items and even furniture. Textures are key to achieving a cosier look too and so our hand-woven cushion range is the perfect accompaniment as are the warm tones of the natural jutes and water hyacinth in basketware.

The trend for natural materials has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere just yet, similar to the trend for plants and greenery in our homes we want to incorporate more natural materials to connect with nature and balance out the heavy reliance on the digital world, it’s all part of the same movement. These materials help us create a more holistic and calming environment which in turn improves our well being. We’ve incorporated rattan, bamboo, seagrass, jute and wood across our furniture, storage, lighting and textiles.

When mixing different materials and patterns, the golden rule is to play with scale. Choose a larger pattern as the dominant one and then team with smaller scale patterns so that they don’t fight with each other but rather compliment each other. Another layer to add to this is to stick to the same colour palette, using the same tonal family can create a harmonious aesthetically pleasing environment while still being interesting. Finally create a balance, too much pattern can be overwhelming in a space, mix in solid colours every so often to break it up and give the eye a chance to rest.

So, whether you are renting an apartment and want to put your own stamp on things or, if you’ve bought your first house and are working with a blank canvas or are simply looking to freshen up your forever home, expect a wide range of pieces from the Trend Edit by Woodie's to bring the place in line with current trends.

Shop the Look

If you are in need of even more inspiration, look no further, below we have outlined the key components of different trends and looks for you to shop and add to your home!

Look 1

This is a modern twist on the traditional aesthetic of a panelled wall with a strong paint colour so the cool tones of storm are perfectly offset with the warmth of the brass side table and wall light. Finish with a crisp white bed with ochre tones to complete the scheme.

Look 2

This room has a very clean and crisp loft style living look, with the statement piece being the herringbone pattern with slimline black handles complemented with a soft arch mirror to balance out the hard lines. Teamed with lots of nice textures like our Tobar cushion and distressed oriental rug.

Look 3

The statement wall art grounds this scheme and provides an anchor of colour that is then replicated in the dining chairs and tableware for a cohesive scheme. Small details like the black legs of the chairs tying in with the dining light elevate the look.

Look 4

Soften an uninviting hallway with a console to house jute baskets to throw your bits and pieces in and add complementary pieces like our water hyacinth table lamp for a warm cosy glow. Finally team with a round mirror for the perfect trending look.

Launching this September in Woodie’s stores nationwide and online on Woodies.ie, Trend Edit by Woodie’s has a selection of stylish homeware pieces as well as a bespoke paint range, produced in a superior quality washable matte, so customers can team the perfect colour with a piece of wall art, rug or mirror for an effortlessly co-ordinated space.

If you are ready to elevate your space, you can shop the full range here!